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GEOFF GRIST – SRI Motivating your Mind Inspiring your Spirit 2018 e-book

This e-book has been compiled from the generosity of over 85 Australian, New Zealand, European, South African, Canadian, American, Asian and United Arab Emirates based authors, industry experts and business owners we have worked with in the MICE* industry since the early 1980’s.
Our 2018 e-book writers have over 2200 years of business experience and 3200 years of people experience. Some younger,others more experienced, yet all exceptionally intelligent and talented in their areas of expertise.
Contributing writers are not paid for their articles nor are they charged a fee to be involved. They are invited based on their immeasurable value as topic experts and character attributes that have been displayed over many years. I deeply appreciate their knowledge, spirit of collegiality and their investment of time in this project collaboration.

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Our e-book was created for our clients, customers and combined global readers to enjoy. We trust the stories, tips, insights and case studies can be of benefit to your success in business or enhance your personal education.
As a complimentary gift and val ue add benefit from our alliance of contributors, our e-book is FREE.
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Geoff Grist & Tanya Barrett

Geoff and Tanya have combined their long standing individual track records to work together as a team. They now offer their clients an unrivalled level of expertise and service. In doing so they made a strategic business decision to work with fewer clients. Now they work in a more collaborative, highly focused and very hands on manner. They offer a unique level of service and attention to detail.

As a 25-year member of the Mosman and lower north shore community, Geoff is exceptionally well connected. With the support of a strong network, his clients continually benefit and grow from engaging these strong relationships. Geoff believes in old fashioned values and service. This has made him a trusted advisor to his clients. Great sales results are only part of his role.  Supporting his clients as they make major decisions involving their property investments is vital to their long term relationship.

With more than 15 years’ industry experience as both a selling and buyers agent Tanya has a unique skillset.  This separates her from others in the industry. Her impeccable local area knowledge, enthusiasm and passion combined with a straight forward ensure Tanya’s client never feel like ‘just another sale’. This is clearly evident when speaking with any of her past sellers or buyers. They benefit from her commitment to developing long term relationships and see her as someone they happily call at any time for real estate advice.

Geoff Grist is a licensed real estate agent. He works with motivated vendors from the Harbour Bridge to The Spit Bridge and across to Northbridge. They embrace his six step process to have their homes sold above market in a reasonable timeframe.

You can learn more about Geoffs process by reading his book, Sold Above Market. It is available in all good bookstores and online. If you are a genuine seller, when you call Geoff to appraise your property he will donate a backpack bed to the homeless in appreciation of your meeting. Hundreds of people, less fortunate than us, are sleep rough every night around Australia. Backpack Beds provide some dignity and help save lives. For details visit http://www.swags.org

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Sold above Market by Geoff Grist http://www.soldabovemarket.com.au